We understand the wood. We know what we want from the wood and we know what it wants from us. It will be our pleasure to pass our knowledge to you…

  • Offered assortment: construction timber, carpenter’s timber, facing tongue-groove boards and floors, OSB boards, firewood, wood briquettes, paints and colours, fence lathes, profiled lathes, carpenter’s fittings etc…

Contact us

If you wish to reach us, please use the contact information below:


Ing. Petr Ontolčík - business matters
e-mail: ontolcik@jpjwood.cz
mobile: +420 724 342 236

Ruslan Sadvari - UA market
e-mail: sadvari@jpjwood.cz
phone: +380 664 326 096

Zdena Třasoňová - invoicing/accounting
e-mail: trasonova@jpjwood.cz
mobile: +420 775 868 230


Retail sale:

Salesroom Bystřice pod Hostýnem:
Holešovská 1717
768 61 Bystřice pod Hostýnem
(entry from Holešovská street)

Ondřej Velikovský
e-mail: velikovsky@jpjwood.cz
mobile: +420 775 869 413
fax: +420 226 013 052

    E-mail:   info@jpjwood.cz
    Phone: +420 775 869 413

    Invoice & correspondence address:
    Holešovská 1717, 768 61
    Bystřice pod Hostýnem, CZ

    ID:        27753131
    VAT:      CZ27753131

    a/c: 2107463637/2700 for payments in Kč
    a/c: 2107463645/2700 for payments in EUR

    How to find us?

    Retail sale
    In the year 2009 our company enlarged its activity scope by the retail distribution by means of the sale stocks in Bystřice pod Hostýnem. Our skilled staff invites you here from Monday till Saturday.

    Address: Holešovská 1717, 768 61, Bystřice pod Hostýnem

    Advice: after clicking on the map picture you see the exact salesroom position on the map.